Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hells Kitchen

I am going to give you my thoughts on the season so far. From hear on out I will be doing a blog about each show. For the most part I have thought the season has went pretty much how it should. Though two weeks ago I thought it was total shit that Christina got put on the chopping block. She was hung out to dry by her teammates in and out of the kitchen. She is one of the better cooks in my opinion. I think Rosann has escaped somehow the last two weeks. She has been a total disaster. Unless she makes a total turnaround, she has to be gone next. Matt might be the next worst, I am waiting for him to go. He is a total fuck up. As far as the men go Bobby has impressed me somewhat and I am pulling for him If a guy has to win. My pick though, and my favorite is Christina. The talent on this show is lacking. I can't believe someone could win a chance to run one of Gordon's restaurants.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Turning On The Heat

Mike recently got me hooked on Hell's Kitchen. We went on a quest Friday to find the first season on dvd. After I bought it, I went on a f***ing Hell's Kitchen romp. No kidding I watched all 10 episodes straight and loved every single second of it. Until now, I never found cooking shows really entertaining. Chef Gordon Ramsay with his awesome insults has got me hooked, Ive even started watching Top Chef and catching some episodes of Chef Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on the net. Ive always been wanting to go to culinary school but until now, I never really saw the art of it and how perfect it has to be, I don't really think I could do it. So here we are, Mike and I with a brand new blog about our favorite cooking shows, nevertheless, Have A Clambake is still our baby so be sure to check it out. So until next time, stop sitting there like an oversize muffin and check us out!

Thoughts onTop Chef Season 4 so far

The fourth season on Top Chef is set in Chicago. As usual they start with 16 chefs and we are already quite a ways into it. Usually when a season starts it takes me a few episodes to figure out which chefs I like and who I think is going to win. The talent on this season is amazing. Even though I still think at the top that season 1 was better, this season as a whole might be better. Right away I was thinking Richard was going to win this thing. I was kinda feeling like he was a chef I was going to like. That is still the case, but I am kinda feeling Spike now. I like his style and he seems pretty cool. My money is still on Richard to win this whole thing. I also like Dale, and he is probably the one I am pulling for the most. I have to say I am glad that Jennifer is gone, she was getting on my nerves. She is not anywhere as good as she thinks, and either is her girl friend, Zoi. She is gone as well, but she really did not bother me all that much.
Of course the judges rock as usual. Tom is the man, and I really enjoy hearing his thoughts. Ted Allen is back of course, and he cracks me up for some reason. Though the two best reasons to watch this show is Padma and Gail are so freaking hot and I could watch them just sit there for an hour and enjoy it. So far so good on this season. It is entertaining as usual. I still dig season 1 and 3 more, but still a way to go this season.

First post

Me and my friend had started this blog to ramble about Top Chef, Hells Kitchen, and any other food shows we might watch. It is still a work in process.